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What is acoustic glass? 


Acoustic glass consists of two panes of glass which have been laminated together using PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). PVB is an acoustic membrane which bonds the two panes of glass together to give the appearance of a single pane of glass.

How does acoustic glass work? 


The PVB membrane reduces noise by absorbing the sound energy and preventing the sound vibrations from travelling through the glass. Upgrading your windows with acoustic glass will help to reduce the constant interruption of high-frequency sounds, like noisy traffic, seagull screeching and people.

Benefits of acoustic glass? 


The loudness of a sound is generally measured in Decibels (dB). For humans a comfortable noise level is around 35dB during the day and 30 dB at night, although the human ear can detect sounds between 0-130dB. It is generally agreed that a reduction of 5dB will result in a clearly noticeable difference and a decrease of 10dB will have the effect of halving the perceived intensity of the sound.

Noise Pollution? 


Noise pollution is a growing environmental concern and nuisance, especially in urban areas. Even the background noise of 70 decibels caused by outside traffic can cause disturbance and stress over a continued period of time. Acoustic glass technologies have been developed to combat levels of unwanted noise, whether it be for a translator’s booth, a house located near a busy road or an office next to the airport.



Did you know?


Acoustic glass is available in thicknesses between 6.8-12.8mm. Each additional mm in thickness results in a further sound reduction of around 1dB. However, due the additional cost and weight this would place on the window, it is generally considered that thicknesses above 6.8mm are not worth the extra expense.

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